Check out daftar 20 idola Kpop dengan paling banyak followers di Twitter!

1.Super Junior Siwon V(→) Following(137)↑15 Followers(725306)↑57604

2.Super Junior Dong Hae V (→) Following(72)↑2 Followers(710784)↑46181

3.Super Junior Heechul V (→) Following(38)↑1 Followers(689341)↑48710

4.2PM Nickhun V (→) Following(113)↑9 Followers(672382)↑64790

5.JYJ Jaejoong (→) Following(21)→ Followers(584537)↑30316

6.Jedong Kim (→) Following(1551)↑12 Followers(560692)↑13983 

7.Super Junior Lee Teuk V(↑) Following(7)→ Followers(537759)↑38003

8.2AM Jo Kwon V (↓) Following(114)↑3 Followers (528619)↑22623

9.Super Junior Yesung V (→) Following(45)↑2 Followers (513314)↑36319

10.Super Junior Eun Hyuk (→) Following(23)↑2 Followers(506374)↑31314

11.Super Junior Shin Dong (→) Following(142)↑6 Followers (491781)↑30763 

12.JYJ Junsu (↑) Following(39)↑1 Followers(470062)↑23657

13.JYJ Yoochun (↓) Following(32)→ Followers(468301)↑21033 

14.Super Junior Ryeo Wook (→) Following(62)↑5 Followers(454780)↑32348 

15.Noh Hong Chul(→) Following(300)↑9 Followers(431187)↑22463 

16.FT Island Hongki(↑2) Following(99)↑2 Followers(409546)↑32169

17.BoA V (→) Following(109)↑4 Followers(405070)↑17264 

18.Kim Yuna(↓1) Following(10)→ Followers(383512)↑7305

19.Beast Doojoon (→) Following(105)↑1 Followers(400825)↑25322

20.Super Junior Kyuhyun(New) Following(27) Followers(400823)

Credits to Khai @ DKPOPNEWSM.COM for the analysis!

re-post: askarein@yeppopo

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